Sunday, January 2, 2011

Roadtripping In The New SA

Roadtripping in the New SA! Roadtripping in the New SA-ay-ay!

Woooooooo party!

A little scene setting: The Pant, The Sil's BF/Daughter of The Mother's BF, The Daughter + Small Size Son of Travelling Companion. The open road. Ice cold cokes (how great is coke?). Rad tunes - new Regina Spektor and I'm all over her like wet spaghetti. Radness.

Although, let me make one point clear - our feelings to this trip may differ from passenger to passenger. The Daughter is excited to see Precious Jo'burg Friend and her offspring, The Small Size Son is unaware of what is ahead of him, The Companion is heading back to work and, well, The Pant is going to have some extended holiday jol with Precious Jo'burg Friend. Halle-flipping-luljah. Radness. Woop-woop wicky-wicky. (For The Pant, anyway).

I'm going to be Earnest Hemingway with you now and admit that I'm unbelievably excited for this spontaneous break. I haven't been excited to go to Jo'burg ever. Truly. Ever. Not like this, anyway.

Maybe it's the dawning of the New Year (I suspect that has a lot to do with things - I'm so excited to start again - bigger, better, more). But I also suspect it's got to do with this Living-In-The-Moment Thing, and the reflection I've been doing of late.

Whatever the cause - it feels flipping cool.

So. Let me just share why 2011's had a super rad start.

1. The Daughter is just The magic she has brought to my life in this very short year is over-e-countable. Flip, guys, she is just the most phenomenal little person. And I'm the luckiest Mama-Cat ever.

We danced in the lounge like crazy women this morning. My heart is so full I can barely breath.

2. I topped up the tan - poolside. I love little more than lying in the sun. Ice-cream in one hand, Jilly Cooper in the other. Radness.

3. I got, like, properly flirted with. And he was hot with a capital H. The truth is I need to learn how to be flirted with again. But that's a skill that'll come with practice.

So this is how it went:

(Hot Guy with group of hot friends lying on sun loungers playing cards. The Pant and Liners lying on towels on grass eavesdropping on Hot Guy's conversation. The Pant hears they're leaving shortly. Vast shortage of loungers in pool area.)

The Pant: Hey are you guys leaving soon?

Hot Guy: Yes we are.

TP: Ah, please can we steal your loungers? There's a thorn poking through my towel and I'm lying dangerously close to snake-infested bush (don't be disgusting now, my panties. Think literal.).

HG: Of course you can. But we're leaving in two batches - only one golf cart.

TP: Well, can we move in in two batches, then?

HG: Sure. But can you give me your telephone number as a kind of swap?

TP (aside to The Sil but not a proper aside since HG definitely heard): Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed I don't know what to say.

All round laughs.

No exchange of telephone number. No point, really. Given that I'm roadtripping in the New SA.

And even though I've decided to take a six month sabbatical on Love, it was really nice to be noticed. By a Mr Hottie-Hot-Pants. Not that I shouldn't be noticed. It's 2011, after all, and I'm oozing with super-effing-radness.

So maybe it's not a sabbatical I'm taking. Just learning to love The Pant again.

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