Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Pant: Wilted Spinach.

Dear Durban,

When did you get so effing hot?

You know I love you (muchly) but how am I supposed to maintain any kind of put together look when you insist on stimulating my sweat glands so?

You see, today I tried to put together a semi professional look. And I think I made a pretty good effort: the hair was down (gloriously straight without any effort), there were pearls round the neck, earrings in the ears (matched the shirt too - I was on top form). I wore two shirts (to avoid wearing a bra) and skinny jeans. I did my face, even. But like properly. Like if I was going out on a date.

Honestly, I looked quite hot at 6 this morning. But like hot in a not hot cool kind of way.

By 8 am the hair was up, and I had a granny clip keeping the excess hair off neck and face.

By 9 am the pearls were off.

By 10.30 I had eyeshadow on my nipples and lipstick around my belly-button.

And it got worse. In spite of having drank approximately 8 litres of water, at 12 the heat was so manic that I thought I had a brain tumour and was scared I might die.

By 1.30, the pip-ache was so intense I was scared I wasn't going to die.

I think 'dishevelled' would be an inaccurate descriptor for the way I looked today. Something a little closer to 'shit' would be a bit more appropriate. Yes.

Since I looked like (total) shizen, obviously I had to run into super hottie-hot-pants ex-boyfriend, the Jude Law look-alike, at the supermarket.

I tried to hide myself amongst the baby spinach, but he caught sight of my sweaty scratchy self. He looked like he'd been hanging in a large fridge all day.

Jude Look-alike: Pant! Is that you? What are you doing and what is that green stuff on your head?

TP: Spinach. It's cooling.

JLA: What have you been up to?

Blah blah blah.

JLA: So are you around this weekend?

TP: I am. Why?

JLA: Having a poolside braai on Saturday, would love you to come.

TP: Poolside braai. Hmmmm. Will you be shirtless?

JLA: There will be a pool. I intend to swim so I...

TP: I'm in.

So, Durban, what I'm trying to say is, I'll forgive you for today's heat and its undesirable effect on my appearance if you could please make an appearance on Saturday. A bit like today. So Jude Look-alike doesn't feel the need to put his shirt on. At all.

Much love,

Your Pant.


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  1. Ooooh JLA.... yum! Bring on the Saturday heat. x