Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What The Hell Was I Thinking?

Okay, so I'm a Bad Mother.  Not entirely, The Daughter's school lunch is made, her clothes for her first day back at school are laid out (with clean knickers), all her stationery has been purchased (even the 10 toilet rolls that were on the list, although The Armpit thought it a bright idea to distribute those around the house) - hell, I've even chosen and set aside, next to her hairbrush, which clips and hairbands she'll be wearing.  And it must be noted that she was fed, bathed, story read, and fast asleep before the clock struck 7.30.  That's pretty effing good going.

It's just the one thing I forgot.  You see, apparently it's important that children have bags in which to place things like lunch (made), change of clothes (clean, ironed, selected, placed on bed), sunblock (left over from holiday, although has her name written on it) and sunhat (a styling one it is too).

It's not that I am The World's Absolutely Worst Mother Ever, but I just didn't think.  She has in the vicinity of 43 million school bags at our home.  But we're not at our home, are we?  Nope.  We're babysitting Grandpa (fat lot of good we're doing there - I was so excited that The Daughter went to bed on time, and that my blog has had 3 000 hits, that I opened up a beer, and chased it down with two more so he had to cook.).

The Home of the Parental Unit is my dumping ground.  There are more of my belongings in spare room cupboards and drawers than in my actual home.  So I thought, "Hmmmmm ... the chances are high that there's a school bag of The Daughter's floating around here".

Well, I was wrong.  But I did happen upon some Memory Lane clothing that, if I kept hidden from the world, would feel like a dirty secret.  It is dirty.  But having this knowledge on my own is killing me.  Have a heart, read on.

Look at these peaches I found:

I wore the ACDC shirt.  OFTEN.

Stop judging.  I know you owned mustard jeans.  Or wore three-quarter straight leg pants with XL sized floral button up shirts when you were actually a size XS.  I know you did it, okay?

I would like to go and develop a tik habit now to deal with this mortification.

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  1. Love those pants, Pant! I hope they did not get put back in the cupboard! That shirt too!!!