Monday, January 31, 2011

Leopard Print. So Much Of.

Alright. I'm ready to open up. The time for communication is here.

You see, I've been mulling this little gem over - wondering which words will aptly describe this monstrosity given to me by The Incubator. The wench has a sense of humour, right? I've always known that. But I didn't quite realise she'd actually part with hard-earned cash to demonstrate it.

We had this conversation last week.

The Incubator: Leopard print is huge in London. I've bought you something really funky. I'm sure you're going to love it.

The Pant: Oooooo! What is it? What is it? You have to tell me.

TI: All I'm saying is it's leopard print.

And then she pulled this number out of her bag:

Can you see why I have no words? It has feet! Like a real babygrow.

When I modelled it for The BF, my people, and Carlos, they insisted I lay on the floor, pretending to be the leopard hide they'll never be able to afford:

I'm hanging my head in shame.


  1. it's awesome. i love it. it's frikkin freezing and snowing here- send it to me now!!
    <3 <3 xxx

  2. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Love the hide impression!!! Seriously laughing my arse off!!!!!!

  3. Friggin hilarious!!! Gift it to a kids' TV presenter.