Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pretty Is What Pretty Does.

I've worked out what it is that single girls need to do in order to make themselves happy.  They need to act like Pretty.  Pretty is what Pretty does.  And Pretty buys herself pretty jewellery.  Super effing pretty jewellery:

The woman who makes this jewellery - Chey Michau - is my hero.  She and The BF, my people, are responsible for me finally becoming an adult (in that I wear earrings every single day now.). You see, The BF stumbled upon her works shortly before her wedding and bought me the most gorgeous earrings.  And I couldn't resist ordering matching ring.  And now I feel like a whole person, with pretty hands and pretty ears.

You've got approximately 47 shopping days until my birthday.  And I'm so into her silver crochet cuff that I've even stopped dreaming about Jake Gyllenhall.  Just saying.

I collected said beautiful item yesterday.  And it was not without struggle, I might add.

The Pant:  Babe, look at this pretty ring Mom bought herself.

The Daughter:  Can I wear it?

TP:  No, my angel.  It's Mommy's ring.  I'm going to wear it.

TD: (With the beginnings of a sob) But that's so unfair.  How come I never get anything.

(Look, it's fair to say that I am one of those women who spends most of their time, money and energy on their children.)

TP:  I always buy you things, my poppet.  This is for Mom.

TD:  (Displaying severe heartache)  I never get anything.   And I don't even have a pretty ring.

I'm trying this whole I'm-Not-Giving-In thing in the disciplining of my child.  But it really took it out of me.

Half an hour of tears, anger and threats ("If you don't give me the ring then I won't be your friend) and eventually I calmed her.  Placated, I suppose, would be a better term.

Thank you, Lord, for miniature white Easter eggs (from Pick 'n Pay).  They're all kinds of rad for restoring the sanity of a mother.  And for silencing miserable children.

No sooner had we arrived home had she returned to her gorgeous self.  And spent hours drawing a picture of her Mom.  Because she loves me.

(I have a large head, small body and exceptionally trophy-like ears.  I apparently team red with pink and green.  But at least someone really kiff loves me.)


  1. You should showcase her drawing here, sounds like a winner :)

  2. Anything goes with green. Okay not really, but green is the best. Recently bought stunning green dream catcher earrings. Different, yet awesome. Much love

  3. you're beautiful ....... up to much

  4. I'm going to post that drawing tomorrow. To prove that, perhaps, green only goes with everything unless you're blue. With purple ears that grow out of your eyes.