Friday, March 4, 2011

I Want The BF Back.

Please help me!  I've lost the BF, my people, to an unbelievable obsession I fear may only be replaced by the production of an actual human child.

She's fostering kitties.  These precious pumpkins:

But her obsession is seriously concerning me: she's bathing them, feeding them per syringe (when they're completely capable of ingesting food on their own), brushing them, cuddling them, chastising them for poor behaviour.  She's waking up at 4am to check on them!  She's deworming them, and rubbing wet cottonwool balls on their bum-holes so that they'll shizen (when they crap quite easily while she's at work).  She's even giving the little possums pocket money.

So, please, help.  It's dire.  Her obsession is driving me to drink (any excuse).  I miss her.  Last night we didn't even talk about sex once.  If you drop me a mail on then you'll become today's very lucky Pantaholic Winner Person (a titled that's coveted the world over) and become the owner of any one of these gorgeous six kitty-pies - (in some countries, they may even be put in pies.)

Otherwise - Happy Friday, people.  I'm heading out for a night on the town with Single Friend.  If you bump into two chicks that are flirting outrageously for tequila, and making up elaborate stories about our own radness in the attempts to bed 20 year-old hottie-hot-pantses - that'll be us.  Come on over.  But bring a round of tequilas.


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  1. Where you off to? Going out with my girls too. Will post the rules as a comment tomorrow. My blog is under construction. :( Sad days. much love MTS