Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sorry We Ate Your Chicken.

I've just returned from a fabulous 24 hours of over indulgence at The Prawn Shack.

An eventful 24 hours - a period of time which I'm fairly glad not to remember entirely. A period of time filled with delicious food, beers (and were they going down like homesick moles or what?), excessive prawn & tequila shots and general name throwing. (PS If anyone finds mine, could you kindly return it to me before Christmas? No reward, unfortunately, as gave The Prawn Shack all my money last night.)

It really was flipping cool. That beetroot pesto rocks my world.

But the main event, if you will, of our trip happened between 11 pm and 7 am. The boys got hungry, you see. And so they did what any boys would do in that self same situation.

They fired up a stove. And threw some chicken pieces on top. And then they ate them.

And then they realised that, in fact, we hadn't brought any chicken with us. And that they had been cooking in the communal kitchen at The Hatchery (cracking place - I need to live there). The chicken (seriously under cooked, dripping in salmonella but delicious nonetheless) had originally belonged to Super Grumpy and her husband.

The Munchie Boys left at 6 this morning to get back to work. Apparently not all people get eleven weeks leave a year. And they kindly left us to deal with their uber embarrassing situation.

Super Grumpy did not find the situation as amusing as we did. Especially in light of the fact that "Tom & friends" from Mofikeng had eaten their beans and eggs the night before. Half the crew spent the better half of two hours driving to and from Stanger to replace said chicken.

In spite of the fact that Super Grumpy suggested we might be hardened criminals - "Husband, please keep a close eye on my handbag here. What with THESE people around" - we did the right thing and bought them sorry choccies.

Which gets me to the Post Jol Exceptionally Clever Idea of Pant: PS chocolates should branch out with varied PSs on their wrappers. I didn't want to leave one that read "PS I miss you". I never will miss Super Grumpy. Neither did I want to tell her "PS Ek's lief vir jou." Ek is nie!

A simple "PS Sorry we ate your chicken" would have done just fine.

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