Friday, August 19, 2011

The Daughter Ages.

The Daughter ages today. And so, I'm slightly stupefied today, not only at how old having a five-year-old human child whom I have both made, incubated and raised single-handedly (sometimes double-handedly, but both the hands belonged to me) makes me, but by the magnitude of love I feel for this human.

I'm also in awe at the following:

1). How effing long it takes to wrap presents compared with the speed at which it takes a small-size someone to unwrap them,

2). How sore one's back gets while wrapping said presents,

3). How, in spite of aforementioned pain, one continues to wrap and ribbon presents individually for the sole reason that one wishes to make one's child the happiest alive,

4). How one is able, on occasions such as this, to reflect on childbirth fondly, and,

5). How very proud I am to hear that little girl call me, 'Mom'.

Happy birthday Light of My Eyes,

Your kindness astounds me and inspires me to be a kinder individual. Your innocence delights me each and every day. Your sense of humour - so astute - has seen me keeled over on more occasions than I'm able to remember.

You're the greatest blessing to me, to your granny and grandpa, to Cat (even though you taunt him so).

My life is lovely because of you.

Each and every day spent with you is an honour for which I thank the Lord every day.

You are magnificent.

Thank you for defining my life; for giving me focus. Thank you for filling each day with bubbling joy. Thank you for being YOU - the best little girl in the world.

My love for you, my darling, is much bigger than what these arbitrary things called 'words' is capable of conveying.



  1. ah ... but this one is beautiful ... white bear (

  2. Love this post... Happy birthday to The Daughter!

  3. Thanks!! The Daughter had the most splendid day ever. And, I'm not sure if I've said it enough - man alive! is that little chick just the raddest. :)